Our Story


The Story of Shade Mountain Naturals begins with Tamela.   In the year 2000 Tamela started a career in massage therapy.  As such, she was instinctively drawn to natural skin care.  She saw first hand how her client’s skin absorbed the oils prepared for them.  After receiving information on commercial skin care products, some of their contents, and the adverse effects they may have, Tamela became instantly concerned.  She was concerned about the possible effects these products may be having on her family’s skin, her client’s skin and her own skin and overall health.

About that same time frame Tamela's daughter developed eczema.  After a trip to the doctor and a steroid crème that severely inflamed her skin, Tam thought "there has to be an alternative". So, being certified in Essential Oil use, Tam began to research and develop an all natural crème for her daughter. AND IT WORKED!!!

After 5 years of research and dedication, Tamela launched her own line of all natural, hand-made skin care products: Shade Mountain Naturals!


Since that time Shade Mountain has grown and grown.  Our products have grown from just massage cremes to include a whole host of natural skin care, therapeutic care and wellness products.

Our space has grown too.  We outgrew our first "shop" space and had our current shop brought in pieces by truck and constructed onsite in September of 2018. We were brought an empty shell of a building.  Glen, Tamela's husband, and the unsung hero of Shade Mountain, got to work making the inside a useable, beautiful and unique space.  This allowed the massage and Spa to expand too as they now had our old shop floor space.  Glen transformed that space into a gorgeous heated floor spa room and an extra massage room complete with real bubbles on the wall.


Our products are proudly made in small batches: leaving us in complete control. Our products are made with NO water and we firmly believe that you will love our products as much as we enjoy creating them for you! In fact, when you visit, you will more than likely be a witness to us busy creating these products for our shelves in our on site kitchen.

We are dedicated to educating ourselves and our customers. Tamela is one of four other Registered Aromatherapists in Pennsylvania. Our sales team hold a certification in Aromatherapy as well. We enjoy learning and sharing that with our customers.