Gifts for the Naturalist

Shampoo Disc: give the gift of healthy soft hair

Magnesium Creme: So many health benefits, including better sleep. Your recipient will thank you.

Calendula Salve: A must have for any natural first aid kit

Analgesic Massage Gel: Relieve serious pain... naturally.

Deodorant: Non-irritating and unlike other natural deo's. Their underarms will thank you.

Coco Cocoa Massage Creme: The richest, thickest creme you could give them.

Facial Sea Sponge: A luxurious way to upgrade their natural face game

Bath Tea: Herbals calm and quiet without making a mess in the tub

Facial Serum: AKA Liquid Gold. A true Earthy way to care for the face

Jewelweed Creme: To help them deal with itchy skin

Pedi Gift: Give their feet some love

Laundry Oil: up their natural laundry game. A natural disinfectant and stain fighter