We do fundraisers!

Our most popular form of Fundraiser is a "Shop In" Fundraiser.   This type of fundraiser eliminates all the paperwork for you and is easier on those supporting you.
You simply choose a day and let everyone know.  Then your supporters come sniff and shop and buy exactly what they want.  A percentage of your sales for that day go directly to your fundraiser.  (please note: there are exclusions such as purchasing gift cards)
We have found this type of fundraiser is the most successful and beneficial.  Less paperwork for you and us, and the customers get to smell the scents to decide what they like and talk to us about what products may be best for them.

If a Shop In Fundraiser is not possible for you we can absolutely do paper and pencil order forms  🙂

If you are interested in doing a Fundraiser with us please call us at 717-248-8847 or email at