Lewistown Store

Nestled at the base of Shade Mountain, our store is a destination not only for the community we live in but also for visitors all across the state (and beyond).  We often hear that customers have traveled hours just to see us.  How truly humbling!  When you visit, you will find us back a quiet road surrounded by birch trees and friendly neighbors.

Our Lewistown location is home base for us.  It's where it all began and its where most of the production takes place.

Our "kitchen" is directly behind the store counter, in plain sight for you to see.  Depending on what day you come you might catch some of our makers making something cool.  Soap, cremes, scrubs, bath bombs... you never know!

Shade Mountain Naturals
45 Serenity Lane,
Jacks Creek, Lewistown PA
(717) 248-8847

Mon, Tues, Wed: 9am - 4pm |  Thurs and Fri: 9am - 6pm  |  Sat: 10am - 2pm